Hint: there is a lot of Big Tech in them. But other factors matter too. Most important: it became fully mainstream.


The events of 2020 accelerated many trends that had been slowly on the rise otherwise. The most obvious is the wider adoption of anything online — from health care to shopping. Less visible, but still remarkable in 2020, is the attraction of sustainable investment funds.

This year, sustainability-focused and funds…

Screenshot from Jim Cramer’s show on CNBC, early April

Did the corona-economy just enable large-scale corporate reforms? Why financial markets are not too worried about job losses, and how this crisis affects different jobs.

Besides being painful for employees, it is a big deal for companies to fire many employees at the same time. Especially when large-scale layoffs are part of a company’s reforms, restructuring or reorganization; planned by outside advisors. The cutting of jobs can actually create jobs. Last year, NYC’s undercapitalized subway…

Isa Verkes

Sustainability & Investing

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